Marketing experience for consultant business building

Now you can profit from my experience. All of it

I’ve had my share of both successes and failures and I’ve learned as much from the ones that tanked as I have from those that went into orbit.

I’ve found practical ways to combine traditional and internet marketing for consultants to put the power of Trust to work for business building. Linked by a memorable Brand they are unstoppable.  

You get concrete, measurable advice on marketing strategies and tactics to build your Brand your business and referrals.

You still have to know your stuff and you still have to connect with customers and prospects but the consulting we do can help you.  Together, we’ll do it faster, at lower cost and with staying power.  You’ll have the benefit of front-line marketing experience that you just don’t have the time to acquire.

Every successful consultant or professional practice depends on somebody making rain for the firm. Do you know how to build a referral-based new client pipeline that is always full? Does your web site make rain for you?   

The larger your business, the more complex your marketing needs.  Trouble is, the needs always seem to outweigh the capabilities you can afford full time. An experienced professional that understands both traditional marketing and internet marketing can bring simple solutions to the table.  

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Lessons Learned:


"There are no 

bad experiences

if you limit 

your risks 

and learn 
from your mistakes.”

Jerry Fletcher

Our approach

Consultant Business Building

Is marketing consulting the missing element you need to “take your business up a notch?” Need an objective opinion about your marketing both traditional and digital? We do both.

Are you’re staring down the bores of another new product introduction for business building? We've been there.

Have sales stalled? Casting about for new markets and new ways to access them? Need a business development plan that lays out measurable objectives including referrals?  We've got your back.

Non-stop referrals--business development marketing

Every successful B2B consulting business is referral based, has long term clients and is constantly in the hunt for new clients. 


Every successful business owner understands how the power of Networking and Net marketing can be combined to change contacts to contracts.

We can show you how to “peel the onion.”

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Start-ups, new products & new services

Together we will look at what it takes to make your vision real. I’ll ask the hard questions you may not have heard because your friends and supporters want only the best for you. 


Do you have the networking skills you’ll need to get funded? We can help.


Can you build a business plan that will be believed? We know what they are looking for.

Are you mystified or overwhelmed with selling on line? We've been there and done that.

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