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Jerry Fletcher speaks professionally about Trust-based Consultant Marketing and Brand... on and off-line


Jerry gives audiences on three continents both the motivation and the methods to achieve higher performance in their consulting practices. This professional speaker can be booked for:





This dynamic speaker who has charmed audiences since 1993 as “The Networking Ninja” will do whatever it takes to make your meeting more memorable.

The man who has become the "Consultant Marketing and Brand Poobah" will use props, demonstrations, interactivity and examples drawn from 25 years of Consultant Marketing to give your attendees a memorable experience. His signature stories like “the Galactic Commander” and “A String of Pearls” are part of his speaking mystique.

His keynotes emphasizing trust-based consultant marketing and brand development are always tailored to meet your meeting objectives.

Call today to book the Consultant Marketing and Brand Poobah. 503 957-7901

Lessons Learned

 "A wise man

knows everything.

A shrewd man

knows everyone.

But what really matters is

who trusts you "

Jerry Fletcher

Jerry's Keynotes

Professional Member since 1993