Consultant marketing secrets to build a referral based business

Coaching from Jerry is your way to greater business success. 


Consultant marketing coaching to establish ongoing Trust

How do you get to Trust?


Conversations not commercials

Every consulting sale begins with a conversation. Even if the customer walks through the door with their mind made up you need to engage them. Marketing is not just about selling what they want to buy it is also about doing it again. 30-Second marketing is your shortcut to a memorable Brand and the trust that leads to sustained success. 


By building a relationship with a customer, no matter how brief, you will serve them better. You will understand not only this customer but others like her or him. They will get what they want or need and you will be  wiser. Networking works.

Close the deal

There  is more than ringing up the cash or getting the card signature. Sales that are built on Trust generate more sales, from the individual and from those they send to you. 

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Lessons Learned



is the
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to build 

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a life of  joy.”

Jerry Fletcher

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Top consultant businesses are built on Conversations not Commercials.

What do you do?


That question is asked in the North America at networking gatherings of all kinds. For Americans, you are what you do. More importantly that question opens the door for you to prospect for business virtually all the time. But moving from a mannerly question to the beginning of a  relationship needs to be thought through very carefully and delivered artfully.

Every sale begins with a conversation.

Every sale. 

But  when you have to start from never having met the person in a non-sales setting you are going to have to say and do the right thing just to continue the conversation either here or in your place of business or theirs. Our marketing coaching for consultants can make the difference.

You will know whether or not they are interested.

Thirty Second Marketing trains you to Hook 'em, Hold 'em, Pitch 'em and Close "em. You find out how to talk with them not at them.  You will learn how to "read" the person and become an astute judge of  their interest and exactly what to do when they lose interest.

Often, your new customer or client will become a friend.

This is a delightful benefit of doing business with people who know, like and trust you. Thirty Second Marketing is the easiest way I know to begin the relationship that gets you to Trust.

This service is provided to every consultant marketing client. 

Often it is the key reason for a significant change in their revenues.

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Social Networking Savvy

How to connect to get funded, find distribution, discover markets and make sales.

Connections and consistency

To build a consultant business you have to connect with an array of people and get to Trust. A great deal of Trust comes from the simple act of being consistent.

Comments and Commentaries

When what you say in conversation matches what is presented in your on-line profiles and posts you are well on your way to a consultant business that takes flight. When others comments and commentaries about you reflect the same personality and capabilities it adds fuel to your ascent.

Savvy that pays off.

Social  Networking Savvy gives you a basic understanding of what works on and offline to build connections with consistency that are rewarded by positive comments and commentary.

Part of the full coaching service.The application of your 30-Second marketing information expanded and strengthened in a powerful value proposition and graphic recommendations are a key part of the full consultant marketing coaching service.  

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How to turn contacts into contracts


How do you sort out who might buy and keep their interest?


Knowing that a prospect can be defined as someone who has a problem you can solve, can authorize payment and is willing to talk to you is  not enough.

As you are networking you need to learn:

  • Where to meet clusters of ideal clients
  • The best time to contact them
  • How often to "touch" them
  • The questions that will tell you what your next step should be on and offline
  • What to do to keep them interested
  • When and how to ask for referrals
  • How to keep track of where you are in the process
  • Why you need to hand write thank you notes
  • Techniques that will get them on your side
  • Why price is not important
  • What to ask to win them over

Marketing Coaching from the Consultant Marketing and Brand Poobah gives you all that and more!

You get proven techniques and technologies you need to turn prospects into clients.

Knowing how to get a prospect to sign up for your services is a skill that every consultant needs.  Getting the products and services you offer into someone's hands is dependent on managing every facet of the customer journey. Learn how to be invited along. 

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