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Web sites that make rain

Your web site is the most visible statement of your brand and at once the pathway to more sales.


I got involved with the design, development and analysis of consultant marketing web sites for one reason...clients asked me to. 

Most of them told me the same thing:"I had a web site designed and now I can’t get them to make changes in it!”

Every consultant marketing web site we work on whether it is a simple do-it-yourself project or a complex multi-dimensional implementation has two recommendations built in:

1. The Site Owner has access control for the URL, the site and all  functions of the site.

2. The site owner can change any photo or copy on the site without having to depend on a technician to do it.

Does every individual or organization make their own changes? About 70% do once they see how easy it is if they are using a do-it-yourself site tool. Half of those with more complex sites quickly learn how to use the software we recommend to manage their sites and all of them with e-commerce approaches manage their own store photos, copy and pricing.

The  difference we bring to web site development is that we make it part of  the overall strategy for the client and we incorporate functions that  are statistically proven to increase leads. That includes video as an integral part of the site as well as automated consultant marketing at the level the client can handle.

We offer these approaches to website development:

  • Strategic copy and design recommendations based on your business needs
  • Strategy, copy development and design recommendations (Normally used when you want a Wordpress or custom site but are not comfortable designing or writing and you want it to work) 
  • Strategy and Implementation  in Go Daddy Website Builder (When you want to have a site that looks the way you want it to but gives you full access for changes.) 

Call 503 957-7901 to discuss your web site needs. If we can help we will, if not we probably know someone who can consulting

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A client site

Social Media Presence

Social media alone will not grow your business. It adds a customer voice to build Trust for you.

Have you found yourself debating the  question of how much time or money to put in to social media marketing?

You are not alone. 

There was a time when you could just walk away from it. No more. In today's world you have to have a presence. 

How much presence is enough? It depends on your business and your marketing strategy. It will be  different if you run a cupcake shop versus an international consulting practice (I've worked with both).

With a knowledgeable guide it is easier to decide. We've been through this before and understand the trade-offs both in time and money. The nice thing is we can generally get Business to Business clients time investment to under an hour a week.


Contact Relationship Magic for Consultants

This is the highest yield, lowest cost way to build any business.


At last it is available to us "Little Guys."

It has been out there from multiple suppliers for quite a while. I've kludged together systems from as many as six different suppliers to accomplish what can be done today with just one or two at a fraction of the cost. 

Take advantage of the key elements of new technology while you employ techniques that are nearly timeless. 

No matter how sophisticated the software is the true key to automated consultant consulting marketing is understanding human nature. It comes down to knowing how to convince and persuade. And you can't automate that skill.

I start where the software stops.

The software can be set up to make multiple offers, to up-sell and cross-sell. It can be designed to automatically take timed actions or react to customer requests. But somebody must think up the offers and understand how to read the digital body language and develop appropriate reactions so it all works. I can help you do that.

I can advise you on low and no-cost systems that you'll be able to use with and without my help to build your business.

Call me at 503 957-7901

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give you 

instant credibility 


instant trust.

Get results.

Nothing else 

really matters."

Jerry Fletcher


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